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Rice - Paella

Señorito Paella (all peeled)

with shrimp, squid and mussels

Traditional seafood paella

with prawns, mussels, clams and squid

“La Cuina de Laietana” rice

with artichokes, clams, peeled shrimp and porcini

Black rice

with mussels, peeled shrimp, squid, artichokes and squid ink

Seafood fideuá (noodle paella)

with shrimp, squid, mussels, artichokes, red pepper and peas

Sea and mountain paella

with prawns, mussels, chicken and pork ribs

Rice with mixed vegetables

and artichoke heart flower

Paella with chicken and vegetables

Nibbles and sharing

Toasted bread with tomato, olive oil and salt

Manchego reserva aged cheese with quince and tomato marmalade (portion)

Marinated mixed olives (tapa)

Cantabrian anchovies “triple 0” (5u)

100% Iberian ham, cut by hand (portion)

Selection of Iberian cured cold meat: Iberian ham, chorizo, pork cured loin and salchichón (pork cured sausage) (portion)

Organic fried eggs with Iberian ham (portion)

Traditional bravas spicy potatoes (tapa)

Natural French fries with two sauces (tapa)

Marinated spicy grilled potato wedges (tapa)

Fried squid rings with romesco sauce (tapa)

Galician octopus (portion)

Esqueixada cod salad (portion)

Garlic mushrooms (tapa)

Padrón Peppers (tapa)

Grilled shrimps (8u)

Garlic prawns with spicy marinara sauce (tapa)

Cod fritters (tapa)

Chicken wings marinated with aromatic herbs (tapa)

Chicken fingers with sweet chilli sauce (portion)

Basque chistorra (red pork sausage) in white wine (tapa)

Croquettes: Cod or Iberian ham (4u)

Selection of croquettes (3 cod + 3 Iberian ham)

Mushroom stir-fry with Pak Choi cabbage, seasonal vegetables and soy (portion)

Spanish omelette with onion and bread with tomato (tapa)


Green salad with tomato, onion, olives, cucumber and carrot

Warm goat cheese salad with nuts, quince and honey vinaigrette

Figs salad with confit cherry tomato, parmesan cheese, pine nuts and baby spinach

Warm garlic shrimp salad with mixed lettuces, tomatoes, nuts and anchovies

Lamb lettuce salad with Iberian ham, Manchego cheese and apple

Avocado salad with salmon, mango and tamarind vinaigrette


Macaroni or spaghetti with bolognese sauce

Tagliatelle with marinara sauce

Spaghetti carbonara

Funghi tagliatelle with porcini and mushrooms


Grilled salmon with sautéed vegetables

Donostiarra-style turbot

Baked cod with samfaina (roasted sautéed vegetables)

Grilled monkfish with fried garlic and sautéed vegetables


Chef Jheremy's Milanese with truffle, confit onion, organic fried egg and French fries

Beef tenderloin with seasonal mushrooms

Basque beef entrecote

Chuletón – Old beef prime rib 1 kg

Homemade desserts

Catalan crème brûlée

Crème caramel

Caramelized French toast with vanilla ice cream

Chef tiramisu

Fruit salad with orange juice

Ball ice cream (various flavors)

Cheesecake with raspberry coulis