It contains gluten

Other dishes may contain traces of gluten. Ask our staff for the presence of other allergens.


Selection of rice

Paella, all peeled

Rice with prawns, calamari and mussels. All the ingredients peeled and ready to eat

Seafood Paella

Rice with langoustines, prawns, mussels and clams

"Cuina de Laietana" rice

Rice with clams, peeled prawns and porcini mushrooms

Black rice

Rice with mussels, peeled prawns, calamari, artichokes and squid ink

Traditional fideuà

Prawns, calamari rings, mussels, artichokes, red pepper and peas. Accompanied with aioli

Mixed paella

With chicken, prawns, mussels and pork ribs

Vegetable rice

With baby carrots, green beans, peas, roasted red pepper, fried onion, roasted aubergine and broad beans

Tapas and Dishes to Share


"La Cuina" Mixed olives

White anchovies in vinegar (12-14 units)

Anchovies with olive oil (7 units)

100% Iberian ham hand cut

Selection of Iberian cured cold meat with bread with tomato, Iberian ham, chorizo, pork loin and salchichón (pork cured sausage)

“Manchego Reserva” aged cheese

Toasted bread with tomato, olive oil and salt


Our spicy potatoes

Fries with two sauces

Spanish omelette with onion and bread with tomato

Artisan ham or cod croquettes

Homemade chicken fingers with sweet chilli and mustard sauce

Seasoned chicken wings

Traditional chistorra (typical Basque red sausage) with white wine sauce and toasted fried bread

Peppers from Padrón (Small green peppers from Galicia)

Mushrooms with garlic and parsley

Galician octopus

Galician mussels with marinière sauce

Prawns with garlic

Grilled shrimps (8 units)

Fried squid rings with romesco sauce


Garden salad with tomato, mesclun, onion, olives, cucumber and carrot

Salad of Cantabrian anchovies, mesclun, tomato, olives, onion and tuna

Warm goat’s cheese salad with mesclun, dried fruit, nuts, quince and honey vinaigrette

Warm salad with garlic prawns, mesclun, tomato, dried fruit, nuts and anchovies

Tuna salad with carrot, mesclun, tomato and olives


Macaroni or spaghetti bolognese

Meat ravioli with Fiorentina sauce and mushrooms

Creamy spaghetti carbonara

Tagliatelle with seafood sauce, peeled prawns and mussels

Tagliatelle al funghi with porcini and button mushrooms

Spinach tortellonis stuffed with ricotta cheese with fine herbs and cheese sauce


Grilled salmon with vegetables, green beans, broccoli and green asparagus

Baked cod with ratatouille


Basque beef entrecote (300g) with curry roasted potatoes

Beef fillet steak with seasonal mushrooms and potatoes


Crema catalana foam

Cake of the day

Selection of homemade ice creams

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Seasonal fruit

Chocolate fondant supreme

Fresh fruit salad

Apple tarte tatin

Traditional crema catalana